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What do you know about colonials in WWI?


The words associated by French students with « colonialism »


The words associated by Belgian students with « colonialism »


The Belgian colonies according to the French students (25 answers)


The Belgian colonies according to the Belgian students (21 answers)


The French colonies according to the French students (25 answers)


The French colonies according to the Belgian students (21 answers)


The introduction videos

You have to create a short video to introduce yourself.

  • Your presentation has to last at least 1 minute

  • You can either ue your phone to create a short video or create a animated presentation with images and your voice using Adobe Spark Video.

  • You presentation has to give information about :

      • YOU : Who are you ? Where do you live ? What are your interests and hobbies ?

      • YOUR SCHOOL : Where is it ? What can we study there ?

      • YOUR EUROPEAN OR WORLD IDENTITY : Have you ever visited other countries ? What do you think about the European Union ? What do you thing about the Brexit ?

      • And finally, what do you except from this project?

  • Publish your presentation on the common Padlet Page or on this second Padlet

Prezi about Belgian and French colonies

Even if Belgium was a very young state, it had a colonial empire comprising three colonies and a concession in China.

Your mission is to create a Prezi about each of these colonies, or about more general issues :

  • The Congo Free State (Achille, Chloé, Lauryne, Liselotte)
  • The Belgian Congo (Noé, Melis, Léa, Léa)
  • Ruanda-Urundi (Alexis, Edgar, Lemuel, Arsène)
  • The Belgian concession in China (Venezia, Agathe, Pauline)
  • The causes of the European imperialism during the XIXth century (Lara, Charly, Marty)
  • The Berlin conference (Jade, Margot, Elsa, Alice)
  • The role and places of colonies in the Belgian identity during the XIXth century (Anthony, Shadi, Anselme)


  • Work in teams of 3 or 4 members
  • Your Prezi has to include at least one primary source
  • Publish your Prezi on the padlet before the 8th of February (our partners will comment it next week)

Commentaries about our partners’ productions

Your final mission is to watch our partners’ productions about French colonies and to write commentaries about their Prezi.

Your commentary has to be benevolent :

  • Explain what you have learned from this presentation,
  • Explain what you think about this subject,
  • Try to find an additional information which would be usefull to enrich the production.

Presentation about colonials and colonies during WWI


Your work


The work of our partners