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This chapter takes part in a Etwinning project.

Here is a map of our partners :

First of all, let’s begin with a survey to check what you know about WWI :


Lesson 1: What do the European students know about WWI?

This lesson has two goals:

  • First, to produce a synthesis of the answers from the questionnaire with computer graphics,
  • Then, to prepare the exam by learning how to comment on graphs and statistics.


You have to create computer graphics in order to sum up the results of the questionnaire about the students’ knowledge about WWI. Not only you have to represent the results with graphs, images and word clouds, but you have also to write each time a short sentence to comment on the results.

How to represent the results?

  • Question 1: chart
  • Question 2: chart
  • Question 3: chart or word cloud (http://www.wordle.net/)
  • Question 4: chart
  • Question 5: chart or word cloud
  • Question 6: chart
  • Question 7: chart + word cloud
  • Question 8: chart + map
  • Question 9: word cloup
  • Question 10: word cloud

How to comment on the graphs and statistics?

  • Don’t forget to use the method

When your work is finished, you can:

Be original and don’t forget to call your teacher if you have doubts or questions !


The production is complete (all the information for each question) 3 points
Good choice of the tools to represent the information 3 points
The analyze is interesting and uses specific vocabulary to comment on graphs and statistics 7 points
The production is nice and original 4 points
Quality of the language 3 points


Lesson 2: Find documents and archives to write a history of Lycée Anna Judic and Semur-en-Auxois during WWI

Publish your documents on this wall: padlet

  • Don’t forget to mention your name
  • Don’t forget to mention the source
  • Don’t forget to translate it in English


Lesson 3: Create a video clip about WWI in our partners’ school

Tool to create an animated video: powtoon

Tool to create the soundtrack: audacity

Wall to publish your production: padlet