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Ce projet a obtenu un label « Centenaire » de la Mission du Centenaire 14-18

Il a également reçu le soutien du Rotary Club de Montbard-Semur-Alésia


Lesson 1: Peace Movements during WWI

Method : How to analyse an image

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Lesson 2: Fighting the Peace Movements during WWI

Prep’ Activity: Read this article about the Women’s Peace Partu during WWI (Anya JABOUR, The Conversation, April 3rd, 2017)


Demonstration Against Conscription of High School Boys & Military Drilling in Schools (Times Square, New York, circa 1916 – Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom Records, Swarthmore College Peace Collection)

« Mr. President, Why Not Make America Safe for Democracy? » (United States, 1917)

#EuropeanPeaceProject Production: What about the Peace Movements and activists in Europe? Complete a collaborative sheet to create an interactive timeline:

Lesson 3: The Versailles Peace Treaty

Prep’ Activity

RolePlay – Treaty of Versailles Negotiation Game 

#EuropeanPeaceProject Production: What if Woodrow Wilson, David Llyod George and Georges Clemenceau told the Treaty of Versailles Negotiations as Chaplin : 

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Lesson 4: The influence of the pacifist beliefs on the promotion of the European idea

World Café 


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Lesson 5: Peace in Memorials

Famous memorials around the world

Analyse a war memorial – The Canadian National Vimy Memorial


Click on the picture to find resources about the Vimy Memorial

Create your own experience about a war memorial

Lesson 5: From Pacifism to Pacifists

Activités préparatoires