This project is organized with our Belgian partners from Bimsen.

First of all, students were asked to introduce themselves in a very short video.

The Belgian presentations


The French presentations


Then, students answered a very short questionnaire about nationalism in France and Begium in order to compare and comment what we know about our respective histories and identities.

Summary of the Belgian answers

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Summary of the French answers

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Lesson 1: What is nationalism?


Lesson 2: What about Belgian nationalism?


  • Your mission is to create a collaborative presentation in order to tell the story of Belgian nationalism.

  • Our partners have sent us different online ressources about nationalism in their country, but you can also find other ressources like this example.

  • Your presentation will deal with different topics

    • Emergence of Belgium
    • Invention of the Belgian Flag
    • Invention of the Belgian Anthem
    • The role of art in the construction of a national identity
    • The role of school in the construction of a national identity
  • You can choose to work on your favorite topic using this board in order to register.
  • During this activity, if you need more information, it will be possible to ask your partners.

Don’t forget to ask your teacher for help if you need !  

Lesson 3: Belgium nationalim during WWI through posters

Choose a poster you want to study in one of these websites (one different poster by group)

Work by pairs

Use thinglink to comment on your poster

  • Click on “create”
  • Upload your poster
  • Give a title to your work
  • Add at least 5 tags in order to comment on your poster (with a little text and the links of the Internet Websites used to find information).
  • Save your work
  • Click on “share”
  • Copy and Past the link of your work on this wall


  • 2 points by tag (with a commentary of a specific area, in good English, and with a link to five different serious websites where you found information to analyze the poster).


Using your creative skills, knowledge of WWI and propaganda techniques, design a propaganda tool defending the end of WWI

  1. It must be an original creation (not a copy of an example you have seen)

  2. You can use the tool you prefer (pencils or software),

  3. Join to your work a document with these information

    1. Your name

    2. The country your are creating propaganda for

    3. Who was your audience?

    4. What was the purpose of your poster?

    5. What propaganda techniques did you use?


Your posters are published on this wall.

And the productions of our Belgian Partners are published on this wall