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Lesson 1: How does art keep alive the memory of WWI?

I. Over There (by George Cohan, 1917)

II. Johnny Got his gun (by Dalton Trumbo, 1938)

III. One (by Metallica, 1988)

Lesson 2: What are the causes of WWI?

Activités préparatoires

Harris Morgan, 2008

Lesson 3: How was propaganda used WWI?


The Empire Needs Men!, London, 1915


Who’s absent?, London, 1915

Lesson 4: Was it possible to be pacifist during WWI?

Activités préparatoires


Demonstration Against Conscription of High School Boys & Military Drilling in Schools, Times Square, New York, circa 1916 Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom Records, Swarthmore College Peace Collection.


« Mr. President, Why Not Make America Safe for Democracy? » (United States, 1917)

Lesson 5: The Treaty of Versailles Negotiation Game



Lesson 6: Did colonies have an important role during WWI?

Activités préparatoires


Indian cavalry of the 20th Deccan Horse in the Carnoy Valley shortly before their unsuccessful attack at High Wood during the Somme offensive, 14 July 1916
Source: “Ministry of Information First World War official collection” Made by Brooks, Ernest (Lt) 1916-07-14
Available online on the Imperial War Museum website

Lesson 7: How do monuments commemorate WWI?

Activités préparatoires

Semur-en-Auxois Stainglass

Semur-en-Auxois Stained glass