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Lesson 1: Why study Game of Thrones in the history class?

  • The document: Suzannah LIPSCOMB, « Game of Thrones: Does Fantasy Fiction Beat Period Drama? », in History Today, 2014.
  • The exercise: Associate the GOT stories with the historical events


Lesson 2: Are the Seven Kingdoms a metaphor of medieval England?

Activités préparatoires

  1. How to understand the geography of Game of Thrones
  2. What is the story of the Seven Kingdoms?
  3. Why has G.R.R. Martin invented the story of the Seven Kingdoms?

Lesson 3: The history « Beyond the Wall »

  1. The Wall in the show
  2. The Wall in history

Activity: work in a team to write the dialogues of this scene with The Night’s Watch in Castle Black.

Lesson 4: The Starks and the Lannisters: a new war of roses?

Activités préparatoires

Activity: Summarize the history of the War of the Roses using the Historic Tale Construction Kit.

Lesson 5: Who’s who?


Could you guess who as inspired G.R.R. MARTIN to create Game of Thrones characters?