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Great Britain is often considered the pivotal country of European resistance during World War II for several reasons:

  • The Battle of Britain: During the summer and autumn of 1940, Great Britain stood alone against the German Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain. Despite being heavily outnumbered, the Royal Air Force (RAF) was able to defend the country from German aerial attacks, which prevented a German invasion of Great Britain and provided a significant morale boost to the Allied forces.
  • Resistance and espionage: Great Britain was a key center of resistance and espionage during the war, with organizations such as the Special Operations Executive (SOE) and the Intelligence Corps working to sabotage German operations and gather intelligence. British spies such as the « Cambridge Five » provided valuable information to the Allies throughout the war.
  • Military contributions: Great Britain also made significant military contributions to the Allied war effort. The British Army fought in North Africa, Italy, and Normandy, and the Royal Navy played a vital role in protecting shipping lanes and supporting amphibious landings.
  • Political leadership: Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister during the war, was a key figure in rallying the Allied forces and inspiring resistance to the Axis powers. His speeches and leadership were crucial in maintaining morale and determination throughout the war.

Overall, Great Britain played a crucial role in resisting the Axis powers during World War II and provided vital leadership, military, and intelligence contributions to the Allied effort.

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By the end of August Hitler, frustrated at how many British planes remained in the air, commanded the Luftwaffe to start attacking major cities, including London. It had a devastating impact on the capital. A bus is seen here in a bomb crater in London in 1940.


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