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Lodz Ghetto during WWII and migrants in Europe, 2015

Lesson 1: Who are the migrants in medieval England?


Click to this document to read an article about Medieval immigrants moving to England in the Middle Ages (History Extra)

Lesson 2: Why did Europeans migrate to the USA?

Prep activity


Analyse and sort a series of images


Lesson 3: Why is Ellis Island called the « Island of Tears »?

Prep activity

Watch this video and take notes for the activity which will be organized in the classroom…

Lesson 4: Caste study – The Irish migration to the USA in the 19th and 20th century

Prep activity

A l’aide de la vidéo ci-dessus, complétez et apprenez les paroles de la chanson « No Irish Need Apply ».

Les documents étudiés en classe sur la migration des Irlandais à New York ont été généreusement mis à notre disposition par l’équipe du Tenement Museum de New York. 

Lesson 5: Who are the most famous migrants in the USA

Speech competition


You are a famous migrant in the USA and you are invited to make a speech about the importance of migration in American history. You first present yourself and then give your arguments

Lesson 6: What is like to be a refugee?

Prep activity


Learn this list of vocabulary about migration

The European Refugee Crisis Explained

Final Task

Create the story map of a migrant’s journey




ESRI Story Map

ESRI StoryMap


Migrants story