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Lodz Ghetto during WWII and migrants in Europe, 2015

Lesson 1: Migrants to England in the Middle Ages


Click to this document to read an article about Medieval immigrants moving to England in the Middle Ages (History Extra)

Lesson 2 : The Irih migration to the USA in the 19th and 20th century

Prep activity (1)


Prep activity (2)

A l’aide de la vidéo ci-dessus, complétez et apprenez les paroles de la chanson « No Irish Need Apply ».

Lesson 3: Ellis Island, the « Island of Tears »

Prep activity

Watch this video and take notes for the test

Activity Sheet


Final activity

Using these posters of the French Musée de l’histoire de l’immigration, create a poster about migration in the USA in the 19th and 20th century



Lesson 2: What is it like to be a refugee?

I. The European Refugee Crisis Explained

II. Against All Odds


  1. Open the game « Against All Odds » by clicking on this image above.
  2. Click on « Open in full screen »
  3. Click on « Play Against All Odds


  1. Choose your character by using the arrows.
  2. Choose a team’s name and write it on your exercice book.
  3. Click on « Register my game » and follow the instructions.
  4. Let’s play and learn, but don’t forget to take notes during this exercice. Next week, you will have a test about it.
Prepare an oral session
  • Tool : Prezi or another presentation tool
  • Ressources : Web facts on the serious game « Against All Odds »
  • Instructions : Introduce the story of a refugee


  1. Why do they flee?
  2. A difficult journey
  3. The travel conditions
  4. How to cross the borders?
  5. Find a shelter
  6. Compare travel’s stories of Vjolica and Michael
  7. How to begin a new life in the host countries?
  8. Refuges and extreme-right



Timing (5 minutes) 2
Quality of the contents (organisation and information) 3
Oral and language (you don’t read your notes and your English is good) 3
Quality of the presentation (with Prezi or another tool) 2