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Lesson 1: How is the world organized?

World V2

Lesson 2: What are the different stages of a global product?


Prep’ activity

Watch this video and take notes to prepare the activity in class

If you want to go further, you can also watch the second episod 

Lesson 3: International migrations and other flows in globalization


Prep’ activity

Prepare your role according to your game card :


This Role Play was created by the European Center Robert Schuman and the European Network for Education and Training

Evaluation collaborative


Cliquez sur l’image cidessus et tapez le code 650647 pour accédez au quiz de révision de l’évaluation réalisé grâce à la contribution des élèves de la classe (date limite d’envoi : 30/09/2018 à minuit)

Lesson 4: Factors and actors in globalization

Prep’ activity

Prepare the test on the third part of the chapter on « Factors and actors in globalization ». If you want, you can volunteer to create activities on this lesson.


Lesson 5: Is globalization a positive of negative phenomenon? (Let’s debate)

Prep’ activity

Prepare the debate


Lesson 6: Is another world possible? Alter and anti-globalization

Prep’ activity


A South African protester shouts from atop a police barricade during a protest against the World Trade organization in Cancun, 2003

Test: Illicit Drugs and Globalization?

Prep’ activity

Drugs globalization


Les élèves de la classe de Seconde vous ont préparé quelques activités pour réviser votre cours :