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expand your horizons

Lesson 1: How is the world organized?

World V2

Lesson 2: What are the different stages of a global product?


Prep’ activity

Watch this video and take notes to prepare the activity in class

If you want to go further, you can also watch the second episod 

Lesson 3: International migrations and other flows in globalization


Prep’ activity

Prepare your role according to your game card :


This Role Play was created by the European Center Robert Schuman and the European Network for Education and Training

Lesson 4: Factors and actors in globalization

Prep’ activity

Prepare the test on the third part of the chapter on « Factors and actors in globalization ». If you want, you can volunteer to create activities on this lesson.


Lesson 5: Is globalization a positive of negative phenomenon? (Let’s debate)

Prep’ activity

Prepare the debate


Lesson 6: Is another world possible? Alter and anti-globalization

Prep’ activity


A South African protester shouts from atop a police barricade during a protest against the World Trade organization in Cancun, 2003

Test: Illicit Drugs and Globalization?

Prep’ activity

Drugs globalization


Les élèves de la classe de Seconde vous ont préparé quelques activités pour réviser votre cours :