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Introduction: Why to study Game of Thrones in the History class? 

  • The document : Suzannah LIPSCOMB, « Game of Thrones: Does Fantasy Fiction Beat Period Drama? », in History Today, 2014.
  • The exercice : Associate the GOT stories with the historical events


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Lesson 1: Are the Seven Kingdoms a metaphor of the medevial England? 

  1. How to understand the geography of Game of Thrones
  • The opening credits of the series

  • The homage to Game of Thrones by the Simpsons series

2. What is the story of the Seven Kingdoms?

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3. Why has G.R.R. Martin invented the story of the Seven Kingdoms?


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Lesson 2: The Stark and the Lannister: a new war of roses?

  • The exercise to prepare this lesson